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Toni VanderHeyden





We have the most productive, service–oriented real estate team in the state line area!

Each team member specializes in one segment of the real estate transaction process communicating through a state of the art client care system. You can’t be a “Jack of all trades” and expect to do each task well, right? Instead, we work together, every day, figuring ways to better serve you, our real estate client!

Success comes with that zeal as team Sold On Toni is currently selling 50 times the number of homes of the average local real estate agent! You know what that means for you as a home seller or buyer? Expertise. And when it’s your home, don’t you deserve to work with the local experts?

Toni VanderHeyden

team leader

I’m Toni Vander Heyden, Team Leader for the team, Sold On Toni, at Keller Williams Realty Signature. Get the play on words? We sell a lot of houses in the state line area…but more importantly, our team’s endeavor is that you are Sold on Us!
After many, many years in business in our town, I have learned an important concept: Let each individual on our team do what they enjoy, and it won’t ever feel like work. That’s why we are a team.
12 years in real estate means a lot of happy people giving our name to a lot of friends and family members needing real estate help. Over the years we’ve grown from one agent to this remarkable, power house of a team!
Keller Williams Realty gives my team the support, education, and tools to help you, our clients, achieve your goals in Residential, Commercial and Agricultural real estate sales and purchases. Thank you for the opportunity. We want you Sold On Toni, too!

Laura Skaggs

Transaction Coordinator

I’m Laura Skaggs. I have worked in the real estate industry for 13 years and with Toni for 5 years. My job on the team is to oversee all the details after your home goes under contract. I work with the inspection documentation, the appraisal, the buyer’s lender, the attorneys, final walk through and utility notifications. My job is to watch every detail so you can be excited about packing for the big move! What do I like best about my job on the team? When everyone comes together- the inspector, the appraiser, the loan officer…and does their job well…that’s a very good day!

Alison Hoffman


My name is Alison Hoffman. I have been with team Sold On Toni for 4 1/2 years. There is never a dull moment around here! I photograph your home and make it look spectacular for the marketing, enter your information into 350 sites, and monitor to make sure all the details are correct. I also complete the market analysis for Toni so all of those lengthy reports she reviews with you? Those come from my desk! Someone asked me recently what I like best about my job…Everything! Especially loading the listing and watching them go live to market!

Josiah Vanderheyden

Listing specialist

My name is Josiah Vander Heyden. I am originally from Rockford, Illinois and graduated with a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Illinois. I have lived in Houston, Texas, for 5 years following graduation where I initially started in oil & gas and then made the leap into real estate where I was the top producing Listing Agent at the #1 Team in Houston. I have always had a passion for real estate and real estate investment and I am excited to forward my career in the Midwest at Sold on Toni where I can make a difference in the market and industry in the coming years.

Laura Koukos

Lead Buyer Specialist

My name is Laura Koukos. I’ve been in real estate for 17 and with Sold on Toni for 7 years. I am the Lead Buying Specialist for the team. I guess you could say I’m a professional shopper! What I like best is consulting with you and helping you understand the current market. Negotiating is my forte; I love getting you the best deal possible! I have lived in the Rockford area for 53 years and raised three sons here. The neighborhoods, the schools, the recreation…no matter what, I’ve got you covered!

Greg Saunders

Buyer Specialist

My name is Greg Saunders and I’m a Buyer Specialist! I joined the team in 2013 coming from a background in radio and entertainment. What Toni saw in me was a determination to help people…and I guess I do that pretty well! Closing 6 times that of the average real estate agent means I am scouring the housing market daily to find that perfect home for my buyers! My favorite part on the team might very well be our Bears vs Packers annual client appreciation night!! See you there?

Justin Lang

Buyer Specialist

I’m Justin Lang and I’ve been a realtor for 13 years and with Sold On Toni for 3 years. As a Buyer Specialist, I find my back ground in the insurance industry gives me a special, more thorough understanding of how to protect my buyer through the buying process. What do I like best about my part on the team? Finding that perfect home and closing it for you!

Brooke Mays

Buyer Specialist

My name is Brooke Mays. I grew up in the Rockford and Stillman Valley, Illinois areas. After earning my degree in Interior Design, I worked for an architect here in Rockford before spending 3 years in residential product design in Texas. As I returned to Rockford, I was excited to use my skills and knowledge in the residential market to help people buy and sell their homes. What I love most about our team is that we are such a highly skilled and effective team who works so well together.

Kenaniah Saunders

Tech coordinator

My name is Kenaniah Saunders and I've been a #TeamSOT team player for over a year. As the Tech Coordinator, I support our team's tech (which is basically everything!) I also play as a Tech Ambassador for our Keller Williams franchise in Rockford. This means I get to help agents familiarize themselves with innovative KW technology. Additionally, I also maintain our team's social media presence - utilizing our marketing tools to its fullest potential and making sure our sellers get the best exposure possible to sell their home. I love what I do because I get to work with a skilled team.


I’m Roger and my job on the team is to deliver and install your signs…the For Sale sign, the directional signs, the sold signs…and any other errand they can think of! Thank God for GPS…now if Toni would just get me a faster car! She tells me our Toyota Prius is economical…that’s another term for slow!

Brad VanderHeyden

Book Keeper

My name is Brad VanderHeyden and I am the team’s book keeper. 12 years ago I talked my wife into getting into the real estate profession, and the rest is history. Honestly, initially she had no interest in the profession. Then she realized if you do one thing and one thing only, take care of people, the rest follows. In two years she was a “rising star” at her first real estate brokerage. In the third year she founded the local Keller Williams Realty in Rockford. You see, it’s important to work in a positive environment and collaborate with your fellow agents. That’s what she fell in love with at Keller Williams, professionals helping their clients achieve their dreams in real estate. Thank you for allowing our team to assist you in finding your dream. It’s our pleasure.