Frequently asked questions from home sellers

Why should I sell with a real estate agent?

Let's be clear: Why should I sell with a GOOD real estate agent?

Questions for clarity are the following: 

Why is your agent in business? 

How many homes have they closed in the last 12 months? 

What was the list-to-sale price ratio?

How many days on market are your listings on average? 

If those answers are acceptable, why would you not sell with a real estate agent? A good agent will be able to consult you based on experience and see you fare very well in a real estate transaction. Good consultation from a professional will net you more money in the end and avoid costly mistakes. It is those who chose to work with the unprofessional agent and had a bad experience, that makes one wonder if they need us or not. 

Think of it this way: If you needed a medical procedure done, are you going to do it?

When is the best time to sell my home?

If your schedule and future allows for the luxury of flexibility, sell when the inventory is low. No matter the month, houses sell!

You can disregard those who say, "Don't sell when it is snowing!" or "Wait until after the Super Bowl to list!" After all, how many pro football players are going to buy your house?!  

How do you determine how much my home is worth?

Very carefully. If someone shoots from the hip with a quick response as to your home's value, don't listen to them! If an agent asks you, "What do you want to sell it for?" That should be a clear indication of a lack of professionalism and care. 

A professional real estate agent will analyze the market: 

What have similar homes sold for in the last 12 months? 

What features do they have? 

What updates have they had?

Most importantly, what is the buyer appeal?

You could have installed gold leaf wallpaper and spent $5,000. Yet no one is attracted to gold leaf wallpaper and they're sure not going to pay you for your choice. Get a consultation early on so you are not stressed with last minute updates and projects.

What improvements will help me sell my home?

In our opinion, kitchens, baths and flooring in that order. Don't pick the most expensive products as buyers do not notice quality as readily as color and design. Investigate as to what discounts are available through your agent as we negotiate with contractors regularly due to the volume of homeowners we serve.

Another strategy to prepare your home for market is utilizing the 3 D's: 


Deep Clean


Our listing specialist will review what particular things you can do to prepare your house for the market.

How do I get the process started with your team?

Call our office at 815.315.1110! Our team will ask you a series of questions so we might best prepare for our visit to your home. The more we know about your goals, timeline and home, the better we are able to consult you. Remember, it's a consultation, not a sales call.

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