5 Common Creepy House Noises

Explaining 5 common creepy house noises

Sometimes your home will produce creepy sounds. And when those sounds happen, we understand that your first reaction is likely to assume the worst. (Because, well, we’ve been there, too.) Thankfully, odd noises around the house don’t automatically mean total danger. Here are five creepy house noises, explained – and what to do about them:


1. Unexplained flushing in every bathroom

You’re minding your own business when all of a sudden, a toilet flushes. Minutes later, another toilet follows suit. The weird part? Your entire family is in the living room watching a movie.

Well, we have good news: Your house is not haunted! You just need to replace the toilet flappers. It was only a coincidence that two needed to be replaced at the same time. Or

2. Creepy critters running behind your walls

You caught a mouse in the trap you set out just the other day, but you’re still hearing sounds in the walls. Could the mouse’s friends and family be setting out for revenge?

“Revenge” might be an overstatement, but it seems like you might have a problem with mice. So here’s what to do: Keep food in sealed containers and regularly take out the trash. Dont’ forget to seal any holes around your home also.


3. Creepy critters running behind your walls

Beep! You wake up and mutter, “What is that?” and roll back over. Beep! You open one eye, scan your surroundings and drift back to sleep. B-E-E-P. Okay, third time’s the charm. You turn on your phone’s flashlight and roam your house to find the source of the mystery chirps.
False alarm – sort of. It’s just your smoke detector letting you know the battery is low. So, note to self: If you don’t keep track of when to change your batteries, you’ll be reminded in a not-so-great way.

4. Scratching noises coming from outside

Uh-oh. What is that scratching noise? An animal? A monster? Unknown sounds can be scary because your imagination always seems to conjure the biggest threat possible. Fortunately, the real cause is usually something quite mundane.
Due to wind, branches from a nearby tree were scratching across your window. Looks like it’s time for a trim – so be sure to take a closer look at all branches and limbs that hang near or over your windows, siding and roof.

5. Random rattling on a windy night

Unknown rattling sounds can be unsettling. Is something in the house? Is someone trying to get in the house? And do you check now or hide under the covers and wait until morning?
Turns out it was simply your windows rattling with the wind. Now, it’s time to get some weatherstripping. Once your windows are nicely sealed, the random rattlin should stop.
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