Listing Guide For Selling Your Home

The Listing Process

At Sold On Toni, we realize the listing process for a home could be daunting to the typical homeowner, and our goal is to help you make those smart decisions that result in success. Since 2006, Toni has been working with real estate clients in the Rockford, IL, area, and now with a team of professionals, we can reach more clients than we’ve ever been able to reach before.

Before you can sell your home, you need to understand the process of listing a house. Fortunately, at Sold On Toni, we’ll be here for you every step of the way. We’re happy to answer any questions you come across as we go, but the basic process goes as follows:

Step 1:

Reach out to us. We’ll talk through the information needed to help us prepare a comparative market analysis and schedule a time to meet you. We have a professional who is passionate about every step of the process, so we’ll get you in touch with exactly who you need to speak with.

Step 2:
Pre-listing Meeting

Meet one-on-one with your listing agent and show them your home. Discuss the listing process and options to sell as well as any questions you may have. You may want to take some time beforehand to write down some questions to go over those during this meeting. Are you worried about getting offers? Do you have a specific timeline for when the listing will go active? Does closing concern you at all? Let our team ease your mind with all the information you need.


Step 3:
Go Active

We’ll take professional photos, and start marketing your property on more than 350 different websites and to local agents. We suggest cleaning and staging your home before the photos are taken, though we do have a few photography tactics that will make your home shine. Box up as much as you can box up and put it in a storage shed. If you have already moved, you might consider renting minimal furniture so you can stage the home to look cozy and inviting.

Step 4:
Receive Offers

As you receive offers on your property, your agent will help you negotiate the offers and make sure you understand every detail. Some buyers may be more willing to overlook some of the property’s issues for a lower price. Others might want you to fix the issues, but could be willing to pay a higher cost for the house. If you receive a lot of offers, we can help you understand which will be most beneficial to you and which offers you should pass over.


Step 5:

Once you accept an offer, we will walk you through the process of inspections and title work and get you to the final closing.

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