No showings.
No contingencies.
No stress.


Selling Your Home Can Be Stressful...

Remove the uncertainty of selling your home with Sold On Toni’s Trade-In Program: a program designed just for you!

No showings, no contingencies, no stress. Skip the hassle and take advantage of trading in your home!

Get a Guaranteed Offer On Your Home

We’ll meet with you to discuss the Sold On Toni Trade-In Program, determine your home’s value and agree on the value of your home.

Make a Strong Offer On Your Dream Home

Shop for your new home and put in an offer without the hassle of home sale contingencies or the stress of coordinating showings on your old home.

Move Into Your Dream Home

Once you find your dream home, the Sold On Toni Trade-In Program will purchase your old home, giving you the ability to purchase and move in to your new home.

Receive Full Market Value on Your Old Home

Once you have moved into your dream home, we will sell your old home. If your home sells for more, we give you the additional cash!

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We've helped over 2,000 families buy and sell their homes - allow us to help you, too!

Help us get to know you...

We’ve referred over 200 families across the country. Let’s help guide you in the right direction!