Exploring The Forest City

Home is an adventure too!

I grew up in the Rockford area, but lived out of state for a few years. Living in an unfamiliar place made me appreciate the idea of being a tourist in your own town. 

There are so many things availablel right where we live that we don’t take advantage of. These things have always been there.

When I moved back to Illinois, I was excited to re-explore and embrace Rockford. It has so much to offer! Local business an drestaurants. City Market and neighborhood farmer’s markets. Sporting events, orchards, fairs and festivals. Many great outdoor spaces are here too.

This year, with so many events cancelled and businesses closed, I decided to focus on outdoor activities that I would still be able to visit.

Rockford has been nicknamed the Forest City because of its extensive amount of forest preserves, parks, and general green space throughout the city. 

Having grown up in the Rockford area, I didn’t realize how many parks we were able to boast of. Not only do we have Rock Cut State Park and numerous city parks and bike paths, but there are 44 Winnebago County Forest Preserves as well!

I started out in May with a goal to visit 44 forest preserves in 2020 and so far, I have been to 24 preserves. From forests to prairies, rivers to creeks, and bike paths to thin, dirt trails, there’s more out there than you think. With 19 more to go, I’m excited about what I’ll find!

Maybe it’s time for you to explore your hometown too!


Brooke Mays

Realtor/Buyer Specialist

e: bmays@soldontoni.com

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