How Do I Become A Property Investor?

How Do I become a Property Investor?

I’ll be straightforward, one of the greatest ways to start investing in real estate is house hacking!

Start out by buying a duplex, four-family, or house (with a garage apartment, if you can) and renting out the other units/rooms while you live in your own. You get other people to pay your mortgage payment for you while also taking advantage of the low interest rates you get for residential mortgages and not investment mortgages.

For more information on house hacking and living free while getting paid, check out this post from Bigger Pockets!

Did you know we have our own investing team? 

If you’re looking to dive into the real estate game yourself and become a landlord, you can reach out to our office and schedule your free consultation. Give us a call at 815.315.1110!



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