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Zillow Zestimates® aren’t as accurate as you might think.

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Selling a home is both an exciting and stressful venture. The prospect of moving on to new sights, new experiences, and new homes drives hundreds of homeowners to move houses throughout the Rockford, IL, and Janesville, WI, areas each and every year. However, with the housing market fluctuations across the country, it can be nerve-wracking to be uncertain how much you’ll be able to sell your home for. Fortunately, Sold on Toni is here with a professional home value guide to give you the peace of mind you need for the upcoming sale.

If you have plans to sell or refinance your home in the near future, you might be wondering what your home is worth. At Sold On Toni, we are committed to getting you all the information needed to be successful with this big transaction. Rockford, IL, and Janesville, WI, are beautiful areas, but the area alone won’t attract homebuyers. The price and condition of your home will play a large role, and that naturally leads to the question, “What’s my home worth?” or “How do I find out the value of my home?”

How Do I Find the Value of My House?

In most cases, the price you paid for your home is not what the home is worth right now. Depending on the market, the renovations you’ve done or haven’t done, and a variety of other factors, your home could be worth more or less than what you paid. How do you find out? There are a few ways:

  1. The Home Evaluation Tool – At Sold On Toni, we have a home evaluation tool that gives you a fairly accurate account of what your home is worth right now. It’s as easy as filling out our online form.
  2. A Comparative Market Analysis – Taking some of the selling prices of comparable homes in your community, we can run a comparative market analysis to come up with an estimate of your home’s value.
  3. An Appraisal – If you’re officially in the process of selling your house, an appraisal might be one of your best options so you can get the most accurate amount that your home is worth. Appraisers look at the market, the characteristics of your property, comparable listings, depreciation, and more.

Many people hop on Zillow, Redfin, or other broad real estate marketplace companies and assume the estimates are accurate, but you need to be careful with that. These companies often claim their estimates are within the selling price by 10%, but that’s not always true. If any of the data is inaccurate, the estimate will also be inaccurate. Zillow and other real estate marketplace companies are really just using their estimates as a marketing tool.

What Details Affect the Value of My Home?

When you ask yourself, “what’s my home worth?” you’ll have to take a closer look at the details of your home to get a solid answer. The value of a home relies on many details, some of which rely on functionality and the overall care of your home, while others are almost purely aesthetic. Some of the big details that may impact your house’s overall value include:

  • The size of the lot
  • The overall condition of the house
  • Recent remodeling efforts
  • Square footage
  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms
  • Appliances
  • Finishing touches (countertops, flooring, etc.)

These, as well as the city in which your home is, are just a few of the variables that will directly impact your home’s value and how much you’re able to sell for. To learn even more about how your home’s value is evaluated, work alongside an experienced professional.

What are the Home Values Like in My City?

Rockford, IL, is a culturally rich town with access to metropolitan comforts without the hassles of living in a high-population area. Amongst the parks, river boardwalks, and countless other amenities, there are thousands of homes. These homes range in value from just over $10,000 to well over a million dollars.

Janesville, WI, is a smaller town with less in the way of amenities but boasts many homes with more yard space. It’s an ideal location for those seeking peace and quiet. Homes in this area have a tighter price range, with current market values spanning from $125,000 to $234,000.

What are the Benefits of Knowing My Home’s Value?

When you know the value of your home, it’s easier to price it right when it comes time to sell. Knowing the value can also help you when it comes to securing a home equity line of credit, refinancing your home, calculating insurance premiums, and paying your property taxes.

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Why Choose Sold on Toni?

Selling your home can be nerve-wracking, particularly for those new to the process. However, when you choose to sell with Sold on Toni, you can rest assured that trained, highly experienced professionals are handling each and every detail of your sale properly. We have a team that works together seamlessly, each specializing in a different part of the real estate transaction process. This unique client care system allows us to provide our clients with nothing but the best results and an unbeatable experience that gets you the results you truly need. Our expertise has allowed us to sell over 50 times the number of homes other realtors throughout the area sell.

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