What Is My Home Worth?

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Zillow Zestimates® aren’t as accurate as you might think.

In fact, the CEO of Zillow sold his house for 40% less than the Zestimate!

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How Do I Find the Value of My House?

In most cases, the price you paid for your home is NOT what the home is worth right now.

Depending on the market, the renovations you’ve done or haven’t done, and a variety of other factors, your home could be worth more or less than what you paid. How do you find out? The best way to determine the value of your home in the current market is to have a REALTOR® complete a comparative market analysis (CMA).

A Comparative Market Analysis is created by taking the selling prices of the most similar homes in your community an dthe unique features of your home and knowledge of the current market to determine what the market will command for your home. We offer this service to you free of charge and no obligation!

What Details Affect the Value of My Home?

Take a closer look at the details of your home to find a solid answer.

The value of a home relies on many details, some of which rely on functionality and the overall care of your home, while others are almost purely aesthetic.

Here are some big things that may impact your house’s overall value:

These things, as well as the city your home is located, are just a few of the variables that will directly impact your home’s value and how much you’re able to sell for. Work alongside an experienced professional to learn more about how your home’s price tag is evaluated.

What are the Home Values Like in My City?

Rockford, Illinois, is a culturally rich town with access to metropolitan comforts without the hassles of living in a high-population area. Amongst the parks, river boardwalks, and countless other amenities, there are thousands of homes. The average home price in Rockford is $174,500.

Janesville, Wisconsin, is a smaller town with less in the way of amenities but boasts many homes with more yard space. It’s an ideal location for those seaking peace and quiet. Homes in this area have an average current market value of $253,700.

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